2017 · Drinks · Happy Hour · Harbord · Patio Pursuits

Cafe Cancan

I’m not really sure if summer in Toronto is ever going to make an appearance.  This year I purchased an ACTUAL rain coat because I just couldn’t deal with another day of getting soaked in the rain.  With all this grey and gloominess on the outside, and maybe a little on my insides, I needed… Continue reading Cafe Cancan

2016 · Drinks · Patio Pursuits · Summer Patio Series · Waterfront

Patio Pursuits – Amsterdam Brewhouse

It's officially August which means that our Canadian Summer is slowly coming to an end.  My fingers are crossed on the warm weather carrying over in September since itI feel like I haven't really had a chance to ENJOY the summer.  So in continuing my Patio Pursuits series I've been trying to suggest places with… Continue reading Patio Pursuits – Amsterdam Brewhouse

2016 · College Street · Dinner · Drinks · Patio Pursuits · Summer Patio Series

Patio Pursuits – Sidecar

Patio, wine, steak.  Pretty much sums up my recipe for the perfect summer.  Sidecar is one of my staples in the sense that I probably eat here at least once a month.  Not just out of convenience since its down the street from my office but they make a pretty kick ass steak frites.  They… Continue reading Patio Pursuits – Sidecar

2016 · College Street · Drinks · Patio Pursuits · Summer Patio Series

Patio Pursuits – The Walton

Sigh, that inevitable smell of summer.  A mix of sunscreen, ice cream and sweat all rolled into one.  Which also means its time for patios to dust off their benches and tables and get ready for the swing of Torontonians looking to get day drunk while enjoying the outdoors. This week has been surprisingly above… Continue reading Patio Pursuits – The Walton