2017 · Drinks · Entertainment District


It was a cold, rainy (maybe romantic?) and wet Thursday when I found myself in the cozy, candlelit bar of Alo.  A few good friends and I had just finished a gluttonous dinner of authentic Chinese food and we were looking for a place to indulge in a few tasty libations.  We started to make… Continue reading Alo

2016 · Entertainment District · The Brunch Buzz

Figo – Brunch & Dinner

So I’m starting to believe that Charles Khabouth/Hanif Harji and Ink Entertainment are basically going to take over the city.  Which in all honesty I’m fine with because I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed when eating at any of their establishments.  If you’re familiar with them, they are the masterminds behind: Patria, La Societe,… Continue reading Figo – Brunch & Dinner

2011 · Dinner · Entertainment District · winterlicious

Winterlicious 2011 – Bangkok Garden

Better late than never, it’s been a busy week!For my last Winterlicious adventure I went to what I’ve heard is a Toronto staple in Thai dining and has been around for almost 30 years – Bangkok Garden on Elm Street. I had first heard about this place when I was  booking a spa day at Elmwood… Continue reading Winterlicious 2011 – Bangkok Garden