About Me

Hi! I’m Mili (Yes, as in Vanilli)FullSizeRender.jpg

Welcome to The City is Mine, a personal blog that I often describe as a love letter to Toronto, the city I call home.  It’s a small collection of my adventures and the things that inspire me from food, lifestyle, travelling and all the pretty things in between.  I live and breathe this city.  I’m right in the heart of it all so you’ll often find me walking down the street, headphones on, coffee in one hand and phone in the other trying to casually take photos of the magic that surrounds me every day.

I’m also a social butterfly by nature and nothing thrills me more than the prospect of trying new restaurants, strolling through undiscovered neighbourhoods and ending up on spontaneous adventures.  The little surprises are the best part about living downtown.

You will quickly notice that most of my posts are about food.  I am food obsessed.   Nothing makes me happier than a delicious, satisfying, finger-licking meal. Food also brings people together like nothing else and in this crazy, fast paced world we live in it’s a treat to stop, be in the moment and indulge for a few moments.  If you ever find yourself at the same table as me, some of my dining rules are:

1. I’ll try anything ONCE
2. Brunch should always be after 11AM
3. A 45 minute wait for a table is not a real thing
4.  Sharing is caring

Like what you see?  I always love to hear from my readers and if you are a blogger that wants to collaborate, send an email my way at torontoismine@gmail.com.  Take an adventure with me and help me make the city mine.

A proud member of the Foodie Tribe family!

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