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Summer Bucket List

Over the last month (in which I have CLEARLY been absent from this blog), I’ve realized one major issue with being in advertising and being a blogger.  After what can sometimes be an extremely long day of staring at a computer and dealing with rapid fire email responses, the last thing I want to do is come home and stare at another computer screen.  I know I know, the passion and love of writing should help me get over the hurdle but it just didn’t.  And so, I have ignored you lovely loyal readers.  But I’m back – at least for now.

I’ve been talking about and meaning to write this Summer Bucket List post for a while and figure I should get it down sooner than later seeing that Toronto summers are always so sweet, yet so short.  Not to mention that I’m leaving at the end of August for a 4 week travel adventure in Europe so I need to get in as many city summer adventures as possible!  I’ve actually crossed off quite a few adventures already – cottage weekend, fireworks, food festivals, Jays Game, beach day.  But there are still a few that I’m hoping to experience before the chill of Fall sets in.  Here it is – the Summer 2015 bucket list!

1.  Shakespeare in the Park – even though its not Romeo and Juliet (sigh).
2.  Outdoor movies – if only I could find someone with a boat so I could do the Sail In one!
3.  An outdoor concert
4.  A day at the beaches – I know I said I did it already but it was a man-made beach.  I feel like a day at a real one is needed.
5.  A picnic in the park
6.  A bonfire – An unfortunate incident of sun stroke caused me to miss the one at the cottage
7.  A wine tour – also could get shifted to the Fall Bucket List but lets see what happens

So not a crazy list but still an ambitious challenge I’ve set up for myself for the month and a half I have left in the city!  Anything I’m missing?



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