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Top 5 Tuesday – A Walk to Remember

No this post is not about one of my favourite movies of all time.  You might not believe it by looking outside but it is apparently Spring in the city.  Spring showers bring May flowers etc etc right?  Well in the hopes of greener and sunnier pastures this week’s Top 5 Tuesday list is all about shedding those layers and enjoying the sights our dynamic city has to offer.  I’ve had the chance to explore some really unique areas and wanted to share some of my favourites.

1. High Park – ever since I started working on College Street, High Park has somehow been a part of my life.  Either through the name on the street car I take (shoutout to the 506) or because it feels like its right around the corner from the office.  I have been there a few times and its always such a nice break from the buzz of the city.  There are still some special events I need to experience – Shakespeare in the Park and the Cherry Blossoms.  Both of these have been on my city bucket lists for years and I’m thinking this might finally be the year to make them happen.

High ParkPhoto Credit:  BlogTO

2. Lakeshore/Harbourfront – we’re so lucky to live in a city that is surrounded by gorgeous lake views.  I know I’m not alone when I’m driving back from a meeting and and I see people strolling/jogging on Lakeshore and think “I want their job!”  It truly is one of the most serene places to just unwind, take in the fresh (kinda) air and be at peace with your thoughts.  I’ve taken a few walks down Lakeshore, watched the Canada Day fireworks and even partied right by the water!  The greatest part of this area is the Harbourfront always has some food festival or music event taking place so you can add a little culture and food to your walk.


3.  Sugar Beach – I had my first experience with Sugar Beach last year when a good buddy of mine texted me on Saturday morning and asked if I wanted to go for a little walk.  It was the morning of a wedding we both had to go to and I was shocked to even consider such a relaxing start to the day.  So I walked down the street from my place, met her at Starbucks and we planted ourselves on two vacant muskoka chairs that are sprinkled across this man made beach.  Beach might be stretching it but if you want to walk barefoot in some sand, sit under an umbrella, people watch and not trek out for an hour then this your spot.  I plan on spending a lot of time here this summer.


4. Distillery District – Although much of this city is what you would consider new, there are pockets that are full of culture and history just waiting to be discovered.  The history of the Distillery District dates back to the 1800s which you can read about here at their official website.  I have wined, dined, brunched, and attended many events in this beautiful district.  My most favourite thing to do is take a stroll around the area after brunch and visit the art galleries and artisan shops.  There’s something about those cobblestone roads that takes me back to an era not of this time.  Just remember to keep your heels at home.

DistilleryPhoto Credit: Big City Lights

5. Queen West – here’s the thing.  Every now and then a girl needs a little retail therapy in her life. So why not get the best of both worlds and take a walk down Queen West. I have walked down Queen Street but often don’t go far west enough to really enjoy the boutique shops, independent coffee stops and trendy food spots.  This area of the city might just be my first feature in my ‘Hood Hopping series (hint hint, its coming soon!)

Queen WestPhoto Credit:  ErikHoward

So there you have it.  If you’re looking for me once the temperature hits 15 degrees and higher you know where to find me!


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