2015 · Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Tuesday – Get Ready for Spring

Spring has finally sprung! Although if you looked at my wardrobe selection these past few days you wouldn’t think so.  Who else is ready to retire their parka?

I always look forward to Spring because it means two things – Winter is over and Summer is right around the corner.  It also feels like a fresh start after all the hibernating and over indulging that happens over the colder months.  So in preparation of warmer days and shorter hemlines ahead I bring you my Top 5 things to do to get ready for Spring in the city:

1.  Spring Cleaning:  There’s a reason it got the name it did.  Spring is a time to clean up and lighten up.  My recommended approach:
– go through your closet and pick out clothes to donate.  I usually donate to Dress for Success or any of the local drop boxes around my area that support medical causes or recovery programs
– I know its a big undertaking but clean your place.  Dusting every corner, wiping down those baseboards, mopping, vacuuming, replacing filters, changing sheets – all super important to have a fresh home.  Its also a great time to re-paint since you can finally open windows for fresh air.  Check out more cleaning tips from the lovely Lauren Conrad (who I adore) on keeping up with the housework on a daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal level
– And last, pack up the winter gear.  Dry-clean those jackets, de-salt those boots and wash those hats & mittens.  Store them away for as long as Mother Nature will let you!

2. Get Moving:  I know you don’t want to admit but all those take out orders and comfort foods have totally caught up to you.  Spring is the perfect time to get your body moving and get back into shape before its time for bathing suits and shorts.  Why not sign up for that class you’ve been dying to take?  I just signed up for Classpass which was recently introduced to Toronto.  Unlimited classes at almost 100 studios for a monthly fee that is less than most gym memberships.  Can’t wait to get started.  You can also take the simple route by incorporating a 30 minute walk every day.  I’ll for sure be walking home from work as it gets warmer outside.

3.  Hair Done, Nails Done:  Spring might still be the season for boots but you know that sandals are right around the corner.  Treat yourself to a mani/pedi in a bright Spring color.  I’ve been dying to go to Her Majesty’s Pleasure on King West where you can sip on your favorite cocktail while getting primped.  While you’re at it, refresh your hair with a new cut and a warmer color and book that waxing appointment for some of that (ahem) unwanted hair.

4. Wardrobe Revamp:  Its time to stop with all the black and grey and get some color back in those outfits!  As part of my wardrobe clean up I put all my sweaters closer to the back of the closet and bring forward my dresses and brighter colored clothes.  If you’re in the mood to add to your wardrobe then now’s the time to sign up for newsletters to get the scoop on all the sales.  I just signed up for StyleDemocracy – they send you all the latest and greatest sales around your city right to your inbox!

5.  Work that Green Thumb – the one thing I do miss about living in a house is the backyard and the ability to go outside in a split second.  I’ve always appreciated the peacefulness of gardening but never really got into it.  I’ve been thinking about how I could use my balcony more and thought that growing my own herb garden could be a great way to use the space and always have fresh herbs on hand for cooking!  Check out this article from Flour on my Face on how to get started!

Cheers to a sunny and beautiful Spring which will hopefully lead into a long, hot summer!



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