2015 · Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Tuesday – Dates (Firsts, lasts and the in-betweens)


Ahh….dating.  Never was there a human interaction that can be so exhilarating, stimulating, intriguing and frustrating all at the same time.  But enough about my personal life and on to the subject at hand.  Dates.  In my non-dating world I am the planner.  I come up with new things to do, places to go, events to attend and areas to explore.  But somehow when it comes to dating I can find myself stumped to come up with ideas on what do aside from the standard drinks, dinners and movies.  So after a little bit of impromptu and informal research (thanks friends!), here’s a list of my top 5 things to do on date – whether its a first date or your 100th.

1.   Coffee with a twist – Admit it, every first date you’ve been on involves meeting for coffee.  Why not get a little something extra out of your caffeine by pairing it with an activity?  Brush up on your art skills at Paintlounge (www.paintlounge.ca) or take a trip down memory lane with board games at Snakes and Lattes (www.snakesandlattes.com) or Castle Board Games Cafe (castleboardgames.com)

2.  Live Sports – the problem with going to a movie is you can’t talk to the person you’re with.  Any live sports event (my personal fave being basketball) lets you talk, be loud and let go of inhibitions as you cheer on your home team and heckle the competition.  Just think, matching jerseys are just around the corner.

3.  Wine Tasting – Let’s be honest, a little bit of alcohol never hurts whether its a bad date or a good one.  Instead of just sitting across each other sipping on your drinks of choice why not learn a little something along side your libations.  Wine tasting would be my choice, iYellow Wine Club (iyellowwineclub.com) is a great start, but the options are unlimited – brewery tours, whisky tastings or tequila flights if you’re really brave!

4. Physical Activity – No not that kind.  Well that kind can be a part of it later.  I’m talking about good old blood pumping, adrenaline building sports.  Check out The Ballroom (www.theballroom.ca) for bowling, Spin (toronto.wearespin.com) for ping pong, take a class together like yoga, or get out doors on an old fashioned hike.  The options are endless and just think, you’ll have to find some way to de-sweat.

5.  Cooking Classes – Sure going to dinner is always an option but why not mix it up and make it more interactive.  Theres a few options ranging in price but the ones I’ve heard good things about are The Chef Upstairs (www.thechefupstairs.com) and Nella Cucina (www.nellacucina.ca).  But if you really want my opinion, nothing beats going grocery shopping together to a market like St. Lawrence Market and cooking up that special meal in the comfort of your home.


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