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Cinq a Sept (aka Happy Hour)

Happy new year friends!  Hope the holidays were a restful and relaxing time spent with friends and family.  If you’re like me then you’ve definitely over indulged, over spent and over slept!  I’m currently on a detox affecting my diet and wallet – no alcohol, no sugar and no shopping.  I know, brutal.  But I’m one week in and I’m already feeling a little better, my jeans are starting to fit again and I anticipate actually being able to contribute to my RRSP this year.

I’ve seen many Happy Hours come up and I can never a) remember them or b) keep track of them so I assumed that maybe my wonderful followers were feeling the same way.  So comes this post which I hope to continue updating documenting some of the better Happy Hour specials across the city.  Also I don’t believe that a Happy Hour that goes from 4-6 is real because if you have a job that allows you to make it in time for that, then you don’t NEED a Happy Hour.

Here’s what I’ve collected so far organized by day of the week of course.

The Drake Hotel – Apres Work – $9 cocktails and 1/2 price sushi 4-7pm Monday-Friday
Pravda – $6 Martinis – 4-7pm Monday to Friday
Lee – $10 cocktails and 1/2 price appetizers – 5:30-7:30PM Monday to Friday
Spirithouse – $7 Tall Drinks, $10 Classic Drinks, $3 Tacos – afterwork Tuesday to Friday

Farmhouse Tavern – F*** Mondays – Drink specials 5-9pm, 1/2 off Food 9-10pm
East Thirty Six – Half Price bottles of wine

Carbon Bar – $9 old fashions, $2 beers


Brassaii – $5 Wine, Beer and Appetizers – 7-10PM
Hey Lucy – $5 Martini’s
Lisa Marie – Half Price bottles of wine
Moxie’s – Half Price bottles of wine

Cibo Wine Bar – $3.50 cocktails and wines by the glass and domestic beers from $3 – 4-7PM
Rosewater Supper Club – $2.75 cocktails, $3.75 draft beer, $5 wine – 5-8PM

What would you add to the list?



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