2015 · Bucket List

Fall Bucket List

Well, the leaves are officially changing color, my boots and sweaters have been unpacked and my desire to leave the confines of my condo are decreasing my the day – FALL IS HERE!

In order to combat the every looming “hibernation mode” that I go into as soon as the temperature starts hitting single digits, I’m creating a Fall Bucket list.  Things that I want to do, experience and take advantage of before I definitely will lose all motivation.  So here goes in no particular order of preference:

1.  Flower Market
2.  Go out for Halloween
3.  Have a beer on Oktoberfest
4.  Fall leaves in High Park
5.  Apple picking or pumpkin patch (imagine the photo opps!)
6.  Friday Night Live at the ROM
7. Try to like Bourbon (maybe during Bourbon week!)
8.  Food and Wine Show
9. Put on my dancing shoes at least once
10. Wine Tour

This is at least a start and I think realistically achievable.  Who’s with me?  Anything I should add?

Till next time!

*all written while sitting in my scarf, chunky knit sweater and drinking something pumpkin spiced.


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