2014 · Bucket List

Spring Bucket List

Believe it or not but the signs of Spring have finally sprung (see what I did there?)!  The sub-zero temperatures are slowly disappearing and the frequency of boots in my daily wardrobe selection is also dwindling.  I can just see the bright colors and sandals!  There’s always so much to do in the city that I often hear about things after they are done and I think to myself “why didn’t I know about that!?”  Well in the hopes of some advance preparation I am making my official Spring bucket list.  I’m sure this list will grow as the weather gets warmer but for now at least the planning can begin.

– Opening of Luckee (slated for April) –  Susur Lee’s new dim sum place at the Soho Metropolitan Hotel and its so close by!
– Cinco De Mayo celebrations (May 5th) – with my new affinity for tequila based cocktails, I need to celebrate this holiday
– High Park Cherry Blossoms – its supposed to be a stunning sight and a perfect excuse for a day in the park
– Wine Tour – I need to do this at some point!

Small list for now but hoping to add to it!  Any ideas?

High Park Cherry Blossoms 2013


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