The Rogers Cup

I’ve been a tennis fan and player for as long as I can remember and I grew up watching the Sampras/Agassi rivalry which made Men’s tennis so exciting and truly fueled my passion to keep playing and improve my game. I learned this year that since 1881, the best in men and women’s tennis have been showcasing their skill and talent on Canadian soil. Only Wimbledon and the US Open have been around as long. The Rogers Cup offers up a 3 Million (USD) grand prize and continues to hold its own amongst the big world-wide tournaments.

Over the years old players have retired and new ones have climbed their way up the ladder and being such a big fan of the sport it was sad that I had never actually seen a live game. I love live sports. Even if I don’t like the sport itself (ahem baseball) watching it live is an experience all on its own. So needless to say when my bestie TR emailed me with the subject line “We got Rogers Cup Final Tickets!”, I was absolutely ECSTATIC! A huge Tennis tournament, being hosted in my hometown and I GET TO GO! Oh and it’s the FINALS! HELLO!

Off we headed on a sunny and humid Sunday to York University where the tournament has been hosted for the last few years. We had seats in the 300s but to my amazement the view was still GREAT. The finals were between Roger Federer, the obvious crowd favorite and Andy Murray who was actually the returning champion. After getting soaked in the rain (way too many rain delays) and sweating under the blazing sun it was a victory for the returning champ and a FANTASTIC day out. I highly recommend taking advantage of this world renown tournament which takes place right outside our very own doorstep. Can’t wait till next year!


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