2010 · City Living · Dinner · Drinks · Liberty Village

Discovering Liberty Village – Brazen Head & Caffino

The feeling I had this past Friday night was exactly what I was hoping for when I set out on this journey and writing this blog. I said I wanted to discover and explore Toronto and so, I'm amazed when I uncover an area which up to now has been completely unknown. I always knew… Continue reading Discovering Liberty Village – Brazen Head & Caffino

2010 · Brunch · King West · The Brunch Buzz

The Brunch Buzz – Brassaii

Brassaii is clearly becoming “my spot” for the summer – been there on a few random nights out, had my birthday debacle there and now ventured to the multi-faceted venue yet again for their much talked about brunch. My darling friend B (bless her heart) loves her brunch. She lives for that interesting meal in… Continue reading The Brunch Buzz – Brassaii