Discovering Yorkville – Bar Hopping

Stomachs full and two bottles of wine into the game, the three Samantha’s and Carrie ventured off to continue their night of debauchery! Nobody ever wants to be Miranda!

Our first stop was Roof Lounge at the Park Hyatt. Boasting beautiful views of the city and a cozy, regal atmosphere, it also made the list of’s Patio Awards ( Yes, I am aiming to hit the majority of the places on this list.

The lounge was packed with people both tourists and locals but was not really the venue for a pack of twenty-somethings to get their drink on. Crowd was a little older and the vibe was definitely more on the chill side of what we were looking for. We walked around for a bit and took a touristy picture with the city as our backdrop and then made our way to the next venue.

After a few blocks of walking (aka strutting) and being cat-called at we found ourselves at the doorstep of Lobby. The three impeccably dressed door men welcomed us in with open arms (literally) and gave us comp tickets for the “party” inside. If this was a party then I’m glad I wasn’t invited. There was nobody inside. But of course being the girls that bring the party wherever we go we lined up a round of Mango Martini’s and proceeded to make the party ours. We overtook a booth and the dance party went on until the shoes started to come off and mini naps were required on the couches. Regardless of being empty the music was totally on point and the DJ had us busting out our best moves. The complimentary shots weren’t a bad touch either 😉 I’ve always enjoyed Lobby as a venue, the size is perfect, crowd is great and the music has never disappointed. When it does get packed though the narrowness of the layout can get a little hard to navigate. I definitely remember having my $14 martini spilled all over me the last time I was there.

The fuzziness was now in full effect which was a clear sign that it was time to call it a night. Until next time…


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