Novo Spa – Happy Feet

What would a summer be without pretty feet and open-toe shoes? It truly is the definition of summer from a girl’s perspective! Since the upkeep of our pretty hands and feet seems to take up so much of our time and bank accounts over the hot months, I figured that blogging about the different spas/nail boutiques would be a welcomed inclusion.

On a beautiful sunny and mildly humid Saturday I headed out to Yorkville with two of my besties for some good girl bonding and to indulge in the first pedicure of the season. I usually opt for the cheap and cheerful nail boutiques but figured why not up the ante a little for the first one. So we enter NOVO SPA (http://www.novospa.ca/) on Avenue Road which is 5000 square feet of blissful, sheer relaxation. They’re also open till 8 every day of the week which makes scheduling your appointment much easier. We got their 60 minute Spa Pedicure and it was by far the best 60 minutes I have ever spent on my feet.

I was started off with the standard soak, scrubbing and cleaning up of my toes and feet which was then followed but a 10 minute exfoliating scrub. The scrub was washed off and my feet were dried upon which a chocolate scented mint masque was applied to the surface of my feet. A treat for my feet and my senses!! They were then wrapped in a towel for another 10-15 minutes while the masque dried and additional work was done on my cuticles and nail beds including an essential oil treatment. During that time a cooling sensation from the mint in the masque was starting which felt like my feet were being tickled with ice cubes! So exhilarating. The towel was removed and then a hot steamed towel was used wipe off the masque and to wrap my feet again. I could hear my feet thanking me in delight. Once my feet were dry a moisturizing lotion was applied followed with a 10-15 minute massage. She then applied my nail polish in a very detailed and precise manner and when I was finished we were taken to a dim relaxing room to lounge on reclining chairs while our feet completely dried. Best part? My feet continued to tingle with the cooling tingling sensation for at least another 20 minutes after we left. For the record, I’m still rubbing my heels together because of how soft they are!

Overall experience – 8/10
Atmosphere – 8/10
Service 9/10

Next Time:
Therapeutic Massage (1 hour)
Organic Cranberry Pomegranate Sugar Glow Body Scrub (45 minutes)

66 Avenue Road


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