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Brassaii – A Makeover Done Right

There’s no better feeling then taking a chance on something and having it work out. Whether its a new hair cut, a paint color, a short skirt or even love, its never easy to take a risk and be able to reap nothing but benefits. I guess that’s partly where this blog came about – taking chances on new things and discovering my surroundings and maybe even in the process, discover more of myself.

BUT before I start spewing out any more “Sex and City” intro material, let’s get to the topic at hand. Like I said, taking a chance on something is never easy. Especially when it comes to nightlife. Saturday nights are about letting go, forgetting about the trials and tribulations of the week before and dancing the stress away. So the last thing you want is to try something new and be let down. I think that’s why we typically opt for the tried and true options because we’re guaranteed a good time. This Saturday proved that theory wrong. By chance I came across this article about how Brassaii had recently renovated and was now trying to compete with the lounge/club filled King West strip with DJ’s on weeknights and Saturdays. Keeping with my motto of trying new things I thought, why not? I had been to Brassai before for dinner and was underwhelmed with the menu and venue so I was excited about the possibility of a new spot but nervous it could flop.

Brassaii is tucked away in a hidden (but not creepy), romantic alley/courtyard at King and Spadina and has a spacious patio/outdoor seating adorned with beautiful greenery and twinkling lights. The entrance is by no means hard to miss with its large staircase and oversized doors. Upon entering you’re greeted by a suprisingly upbeat bouncer and ladies who will check your coats at no charge. I remembered Brassaii for being an extremely long and somewhat narrow space with a minimalist theme for decor. Very stark white with metal and chrome finishing. This is no longer the case my friends! The new renovations now combine a cafe, wine cellar, dining area, bar and lounge all in one. With the addtion of plush cozy seating, dimmer lights and heart wrenching artwork (Love Me Until I’m Me Again), Brassaii has truly proved that a makeover can be done right.

A back to back bar now splits the once narrow dining area into a seating lounge area in the front and a sit-down dining area in the back. If you don’t take the time to walk through upon entering you may think this is all Brassaii has to offer. Luckily we walked through. Off to the right of the bar is a smaller hallway which leads to the room where the party is in full effect. Think Ultra meets Spice Route. A room which houses nothing but a large bar and bottle service booths also leaves enough room to bust out your best moves on the dance floor (or be followed by a French-man speaking to you in Francais all night). No long waits at the bar even at the busiest point of the night- and best of all – King West drink prices are NOT in effect! $7-8 for mixed drinks and shots makes for messy messy nights.

Overall I had a fantastic night surrounded by beautiful people (the crowd wasn’t so bad either lol) and listening into great music in a venue which in my humble opinion will be raising the standard for nightlife in Toronto.

Looking forward to when the weather gets better and the patio area will more than likely be swinging. Possible birthday venue? I think so!

Address: 461 King West
Parking: Street parking – or park on Wellington and use the alley way to walk through to King West
Cover: None
Dress Code: Ladies get your dress one, gents leave the runners at home
Age: 25+
Lounge Nights on Tuesdays-Saturdays


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